Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Intelligence gathering

Early the next morning the barges started arriving in Bruckewasser bringing over the rest of the French army. Franz had posted some of his agents to watch progress and keep tally of the size of the French force being assembled.

General Bercollin arrived on their second trip along with some light cavalry and was met by Twyth. “Colonel Jolais has taken over the town hall as our Headquarters and the town seems quiet and resigned to their fate”

“Good, it’s going to take at least three full days to get the army across and I’m sure this will provoke the Kaiserlijks into action. Once the cavalry is assembled I want patrols out in the surrounding countryside”

Twyth led the General to the town hall; it was an imposing building overlooking the main square and well suited to its function. Guards saluted as they entered and climbed the stairs to the council chamber.

“Ah Beau, congratulations on your success, have you got a firm grip on the town?”

Colonel Jolais looked up from a table covered in paper “Yes General, I estimate we can squeeze this place for at least eight days rations and perhaps the equivalent of 20,000 Assignats. More should be forthcoming from the surrounding areas.”

“Excellent, but I don’t intend to stay that long, we need to start baking biscuit for supplies on the march”

“That is one problem, most of the wagons, carriages and horses have all left. It seems the nobility were ready to leave at a moments notice!” “But General, won’t you enjoy some of the fruits of our victory.” The Colonel moved to the door and shouted “Fetch a couple of bottle of your finest wine at once.

Almost immediately a servant appeared with a couple of bottles of Pommaine’s finer vintages and glasses. The servant opened the bottles and poured three generous glasses. “Thank you Franz, that will be all for now”

“Yes sir”

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