Monday, 1 March 2010


The last few days for the Freihussaren had been fairly uneventful just providing backup for the light dragoons, with one troop on duty while the other continued training. However today, Friedrich led a troop up to a more exposed position behind the low Donnep hills as they had to provide backup to the Aufklarungskorps who were scouting towards Bruckewasser.

Friedrich along with Lieutenant von Zendabrau were positioned where they had a clear view to the south but not quite on the crest of the ridge. Friedrich’s trumpeter Mariusz was just a few paces further back. Just as boredom was beginning to settle in, and Friedrich was wondering how to keep his men alert, a scout from the Aufklarungskorps emerged from a copse to his front and rode up to report to him.

“Sir, one of our scouts has been found by the French and is being pursued in this direction”

At that moment the scout and the French appeared in view.

“Right Lieutenant, take half the men and deal with those closer French, the rest will follow me”

Then calling to his trumpeter “Mariusz, you stick to me like glue, now sound the charge”


Ilse could see that the French were still gaining on her and that unless she could think of something she could be captured shortly. Looking to her left she could see the flanking party was directly between her and the hills, but suddenly beyond them she saw a mass of yellow cavalry sweeping down from the hill.


Martin said...

A rescue just in the nick of time! Certainly in keeping with the best traditions of the cavalry.

Bluebear Jeff said...

So Prinz Friedrich and Ilse are about to meet again . . . I love it.

-- Jeff

Fitz-Badger said...

Yep, cavalry to the rescue in the nick of time! Great story!