Wednesday, 16 June 2010

En Avant

Twyth, felt angry with himself, he should have expected the ambush, they had performed similar tricks before so he should have anticipated it. He saw that the rest of the cavalry had mounted up and was now in pursuit of those dammed Freihussaren. Riding back he saw General Bercollin in conference with the infantry colonels.

“Well Twyth, what do you think? I had just decided that our best option was to drive the canailles off the hill, when this attack forced the decision on me”

“Are you really sure sir, the land to the north is much better suited to cavalry action, and we could just be playing their game”

“No, Twyth, this is much the better direction to attack, once we have taken the Landsberg, Sonnenbad will be at our mercy”

At that moment a hussar rode up saluted and handed the general an officer’s sabretache “Colonel Letort’s complements sir, he thought you had better read the contents”

Taking the sabretache Bercollin opened it and pulled out a sheaf of papers “Bah it’s all in German, you read it Twyth”

“It’s mostly situation reports sir, except this letter ordering the Freihussaren to return at once to support the main army as their reinforcements have been delayed, signed by Von Barner who has been commanding the enemy so far”

“Excellent, that confirms what I thought; gentlemen get your men on the march we attack at once”

“It could still be a trick sir”

“No, we must act, our strength is declining every day while the enemy grows stronger, Gather as much intelligence as possible on the enemy position Twyth”

“Yes sir”

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Bluebear Jeff said...

The trick works . . . or at least so it seems . . . but there is an old military axiom that no plan ever survives contact with the enemy.

-- Jeff