Sunday, 6 June 2010

Planning the raid (2)

“But how we ensure we attack at the same time” asked Otto.

“I could fire a shot but it would not be very reliable” answered Friedrich “Ilse, any ideas?”

“Yes, of course the church has a clock that sounds the hour and quarter hours”

“Right gentlemen, at the point we split the forces we will agree the time of attack, if one or other of you is not ready on time and I am not present I trust you to use your own judgement on what action to take.”

“I’ve an idea as well” stated Ilse “those smart folders you all carry”

“Sabretaches” answered Hans.

“Yes, one of those could be lost with instructions to return to Landsberg immediately as the position is too weak or needs reinforcement. Once the French found it, it would explain your action and also encourage them to attack”

“Excellent idea, Ilse, but how do were create such a convincing dispatch?”

“Simple, give me an hour and I’ll create something to convince the French”

“OK let’s do it as well. Now Ilse, once you have created a document I want you to lead the Frieshutze back to your father as they cannot participate in the raid and you can make sure that they are expecting the attack”

“No, I have other plans”

“Ilse………” Friedrich turned to the officers “Gentlemen if you would leave us”

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