Tuesday, 15 June 2010

A proposition

Friedrich rode up to the General and then gently lowered Ilse, after a quick embrace Von Barner turned to Friedrich “Thanks for looking after my daughter”

“It was nothing sir, but we might have been in trouble if not for Hans”

“Ahhh, good, I’m glad he followed my instructions”


“Oh yes, Ilse, I’m sure you tried to send him away. But the Baron wants to see you as soon as possible and Hans knows how precious you are to me. Now go and get a horse and ride immediately to Pappenheim.

Ilse, turned away and started walking towards the horse lines, but paused and turned “Thank you, Friedrich” then continued.

“Now young man, we have had glimpses of your Freihussaren over there, but they have moved out of sight again. Once they return I recommend that you move them into a position where they can support the rest of the cavalry, you’ll be under the command of Major Kummel again. Hopefully they’ll get chance to rest before they are in action again.”

Since he was sure Ilse was out of earshot Friedrich coughed and asked the question he had been debating all morning “Sir, would you permit me the honour of proposing marriage to your daughter”

“Young man, that is not a decision that I can make, Ilse is headstrong and nothing I can say will have any influence on her decision”

“But Sir, I’d still like the comfort that you had no objection”

“Von Wettin, you are an efficient officer with good prospects and Ilse seems happy in your company, on that basis I can have no objection. But be prepared for refusal”

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