Friday, 4 June 2010

A new appointment

“So who will take command of our forces?” asked Von Barner, trying to discover what was happening. “I assume I am to hand over to you sir” he addressed to the General.

“Oh no” he responded “much as I would relish the prospect but my body is now to old for the strain, I had decided to retire before the latest conflict started, but the Baron asked me to stay on in command”

“So will Colonel Meyer take command on arrival?”

“No, you will”

“But,…….Surely seniority is relevant?”

The Baron interjected “Colonel, or should you accept the offer General. We have observed your work managing our security service over the last ten years. Your position as a colonel was our method of confirming that you were still as capable as we believed you to be. On my recommendation seconded by General Wurst the Statrat has decided to appoint you as Army Commander.”

Recovering his wits, Von Barner responded “Yes but who will take on my current role?”

The Baron responded “We have someone in mind”

“But Otto von Stupenhagel is too old and I don’t know of any other man who could take over."

“Exactly, but he will be able to assist your successor!”

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