Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Into the French camp

Ilse wiped her knife clean after killing the two French sentries, for a moment she felt regret, but she carried on with her self appointed mission. She crept forward, keeping watch for any other sentries, but all seemed quiet in the pre-dawn light. The slight mist that had risen also helped.

It didn’t take long before she found the French wagon park, but it took a while before she found the wagon she was searching for and slipped the package carefully inside.

As she slipped away, she thought about the Commissionaire en Mission and wondered if anything else could be done to kill him. However she was suddenly seized from behind by the throat and a knife pressed against her jugular vein “Now my lovely, what were you up to?”
Ilse kept quiet, waiting for an opportunity to act. She could still reach her knife, but not quickly enough.

Suddenly the clock bell rang the half hour and her assailant loosened his grip, Ilse reached for her knife only to hear a shot and her assailant’s blood splattered all over her.
Looking in the direction of the shot she saw Friedrich mounting his horse and shouting “We need to get out of here now!”

As he rode past Friedrich grabbed Ilse and swept her up behind him and she saw French troops appearing from all directions. Luckily the French were confused by firing and shouting in all directions so they escaped from the wagon park unscathed.

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Martin said...

Courage! Courage! And horse don't fail them now!