Sunday, 13 June 2010

The Marsfeld raid (3)

The Freihussaren advanced again and the scattered French picquets quickly fell back before them. Calling the men to a halt, Otto looked across at Hans von Pilsner. It was just as well that they had agreed in advance who would take command if Friedrich was absent. Neither had a particular call on seniority since they had signed up with the volunteers at the same time and both respected the others competence. So in a bar one evening they had decided the matter on the toss of a coin. Rumour among the volunteers had claimed that they had pooled their money and the winner got the cash and the loser the command.

Lieutenant von Zendabrau had called a halt recognising the risks of pursuing the picquets and ordered the volunteers to reload all their weapons. Hans nodded his agreement, he still had to lose a sabretasche. Now fully, loaded they could see the French forming up in front of Marsfeld and the more cavalry returning from the south.

Suddenly Seamus O’Malley waved and pointed to the north. He had spotted French Chasseurs moving out to try cutting them off. Otto quickly shouted “Mariusz, sound The retire.” The volunteers calmly turned by threes and retired, but the French chasseurs were rapidly closing their escape route. Hearing the charge sounded the Freihussaren closed up and headed directly at the Chasseurs.

The impact of the charge meant that the Freihussaren burst straight through the Chasseurs scattering them as they were not expecting a move that quickly. In the pell mell melee that followed the Sabretasche was conveniently lost. Render Fhartz nearly stopped to retrieve it but spotted Hans shaking his head just in time, it was also fortunate as he hadn’t spotted a Chasseur coning from another angle so he manage to dodge his sabre thrust in time.

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