Saturday, 5 June 2010

Planning the raid (1)

The two lieutenants were equally amazed by the view as they reached the top of the tower. After giving them time to appreciate the landscape and the enemy positions Friedrich opened out the map.

“Right gentlemen, as we can see the French can easily move up the hills to the village of Marsfeld that sits right on the road from Pappenheim to Berlin. Now with their Cavalry superiority they will be able to range at will over the whole area from Pappenheim in the west to Glowstein in the north and Vizes and beyond in the east. We need to convince them to attack where we are strongest. Ilse assures me that the back slopes of the Lansberg are defensible and that Colonel Von Barner would be prepared for such a move and hope that the French would commit to this”
Ilse spoke “The French are on the move just as expected”

They looked up to see the French columns gradually assembling and slowly heading north.
“Now my plan is that at dawn tomorrow we charge through their positions from the east and then head straight for the Landsberg. Hopefully we will draw the French cavalry after us and bring on an unplanned engagement on the slopes of the Landsberg.”

“Ilse from your knowledge is there anyway of approaching the village so we can create maximum surprise and therefore get away before the French can trap us.”

“Yes there are several wooded valleys coming from the east that you could use provided you put cloth on the horses hooves so they don’t make any noise moving on the stones. They are here” pointing at the map”

“Right Hans, Otto we’ll use these two emerging just to the north east and south east of the village. On a signal just ride round the village causing as much noise and confusion as possible and then head for the Landsberg. It should be easy to find, at first follow the Pappenheim road until it reaches the lip of the escarpment then turn south and follow the slope up the Landsberg.

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