Monday, 7 June 2010

Planning the raid (3)

Sometime later, Ilse stormed out from the tower, past the Freihussaren fuming in indignation only to run into Hans.

“Is everything in order Miss?”

Ilse paused, “Hans you are soaking wet and how did you get here?”

“Well Miss, it’s like this” and Hans explained the situation on the other side of the valley and how he had had to cross the river twice to get to her.

“Right Hans, I am supposed to escort the Freishutze back to our lines, I’ll now leave that up to you. I need to do something on my own first”

“Are you sure that’s wise Miss”

“Yes it’s what my father would want, and it’s an order Hans.

As dusk fell the Freihussaren headed north and Friedrich waved farewell to Ilse but received no response, leaving him to ponder their future.

Shortly after, Hans and the Freishutze headed south and then west towards their own lines.

Once she was sure that the Freishutze were well on their way, Ilse turned her horse and rode north.

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