Saturday, 12 June 2010

The Marsfeld raid (2)

Looking around Friedrich was startled to see a large body of French cavalry moving towards him cutting off his retreat to the Landsberg. Ilse shouted “Head south towards Ostdorf”

It was easy to say, but with two riders Friedrich’s horse was rapidly being overhauled by the French hussars. He was also uncertain about the route he needed to take and he could easily end up caught on the steep wooded and rocky slopes.

He turned left past a clump for trees and realised that he was entering a dead end as walls ran around the field edge with slopes beyond. Handing Ilse his remaining pistol he drew his sword ready to fight to the death to protect her.


Twyth had caught sight of the fugitives and was convinced that it was his BĂȘte Noire, that woman, shouting encouragement to the hussars he raced forward, he was sure that they wouldn’t escape.

However, a sudden fusillade of shots downed the leading riders and the rest pulled up. Twyth cursed “what are rifles doing this close to our camp”. Waving the hussars back he considered their next action.


The sudden volley of shots from the copse they had just past startled Friedrich and he was even more surprised to see Hans waving to him.

Friedrich rode over, but before Friedrich could thank Hans, Ilse exclaimed “I ordered you to return to my father!”

“Yes Miss, but he had ordered me to look after you and this was the best I could do”

Friedrich interrupted quickly “I think we all have things to sort out, but for the moment our best action is to rejoin the rest of the army.”


David said...

Phew - a close call! Good for Hans. :-)



Bluebear Jeff said...

I'll echo David . . . I'm enjoying the tale.

-- Jeff