Wednesday, 2 June 2010

The Lamsdorf position

Colonel Von Barner was pleased to observe the growing number of French troops halted in front of his position. The village had been turned into a redoubt covered by the guns higher up the slopes. They had already fired a few shots when the French cavalry had strayed to close. Behind the village and its militia garrison were the two line battalions carefully out of the line of fire and behind them the heavy cavalry. He had already sent the light dragoons up and over the Landsberg to prepare for the expected French move.

However, if the French were quick then they could attack before Colonel Meyer’s men arrived to support the defence.

He looked back as the rumble of a carriage could be heard. It was the grand state carriage and riding alongside was Captain Stammpot immaculate as ever. So the General had arrived to take command. As the coach drew up Von Barner walked across and acknowledged a respectful salute from Stammpot. That puzzled him and then more so when both General Wurst and Baron Wilhelm descended from the coach.

Spotting the General descending from the coach the older members of the militia started up the chant “We want Wurst” soon to be joined by the rest of the militia who had heard the stories of how the General always looked after his troops rations.

The General gave the men a friendly wave and turned to the Colonel who was greeting the Baron.

“Gentlemen, welcome, please excuse my appearance, I have little chance to consider it over the last week”

The Baron responded “That is of little import, your efforts have been noted along with your achievement of delaying the French thus far”

“Sir you are too kind, I assume the General would like to be appraised of the position before taking full command”

”That is unnecessary; your reports are quite comprehensive as usual. We need to consider higher matters at this time” responded the Baron with affirmative nods from the General”

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