Friday, 11 June 2010

The Marsfeld raid (1)

Both Lieutenants burst forward with their men just after the clock sounded the half hour. The French were stunned and caught completely unawares so the first few minutes were easy with Frenchmen being cut down as they ran back to the village. However the resistance grew rapidly and to avoid unnecessary casualties, both led their men away from Marsfeld. As they left the French cavalry started to pursue but then broke off and headed southward instead.

Puzzled, and spotting each other the Lieutenants regrouped their forces.

“What do we do now?”

“That was just the duty squadron; we need to tempt the rest of their cavalry”

“Yes we need to return again, Mariusz can you play a tune to tempt them out?”


Breathing a sigh of relief, Friedrich exited the confines of Marsfeld and stated to ride south then east. Thankfully the French weren’t following him, but recovering from the confusion of the raid and following the Freihussaren.


Twyth emerged from his quarters to see one of those hated hussars ride past with a woman behind him. Grabbing the first available horse he mounted and followed them out of the village.

He then found the duty squadron of hussars just as they mounted up and followed the enemy cavalry. “Forget them” he shouted “follow me” and led them towards the fugitives”

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