Monday, 14 June 2010

Preparing for action

Once he was sure that the French had withdrawn Hans signalled to the rest of the jaegers to fallback to the ponies that were hidden slightly down the slope near a narrow lane. As there was only just enough ponies Ilse remained mounted on Friedrich’s horse. Once everyone was mounted, Hans led them cautiously downhill, then onto the Haubtstrasse and into Lamsdorf.

Calling out to ensure that they were not fired on they passed into the Lamsdorf defenses. Compared to the degree of activity yesterday, only a single battalion of Militia plus two guns was now in position. They were waved through and they then turned uphill towards the Landsberg.

They arrived on the summit and rode across the flat top to the northern end, passing the racecourse where Friedrich had spent many happy summer afternoons socialising and gambling moderately. He then pondered “Where are Marulaz and the rest of his men now?”

As they arrived toward the northern end they passed four battalions of line infantry drawn up in the second line and nearby two squadrons of light dragoons and one of heavy. Ahead he could see militia and artillery occupying the top of the northern slope.

Ilse tapped him on the shoulder, “There’s father” and pointed. Friedrich turned his horse and rode over. General Von Barner was walking along the militia line exchanging banter with the men.

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