Saturday, 24 April 2010

Assistance at last

As Hans rode south he hoped that it would not be too long before he encountered Imperial troops heading north to deal with the French river crossing. But as the leagues passed he began to despair of any assistance appearing to assist his homeland. Nearing the end of a long days ride he crested a rise to find himself suddenly surrounded by Frundsberg cavalry. Luckily he was recognised and immediately taken to see Colonel Meyer.

“That is excellent news” exclaimed the Colonel after Hans explained that the Bruckewasser bridge was intact. “However I’m not sure how far behind are the rest of the Imperial forces. I’ll send a courier back immediately. Do you think we’ll have any problem with the Pommaine forces reforming in Bruckewasser?”

“No sir, the man currently in charge is a friend of Frundsberg and will help us as much as possible; however the French have stripped the town and immediate area bare of supplies”

“Interesting, therefore we should get prepared for a couple of days of limited supplies before we advance tomorrow”

“Captain, send out patrols to the local communities offering cash payment for supplies delivered to our forces at Adsburg by 8 o’clock tomorrow morning or after that on the road to Bruckewasser.”

Captain Donop of the Light Dragoons saluted and went to organise the patrols, pleased to know that the French were not present and therefore that his patrols could therefore travel faster and cover more ground.

“Now I understand you are one of Major Von Barner’s men”

“With your pardon sir, the Major is now a Colonel commanding our forces against the French.
“That is good news, no wonder the French progress is so slow, you must tell as much as possible about what is happening”


The troops would have a slightly easier easier day since Adsburg was only an hour’s march away and therefore have chance to recover from the last few days fast marching.

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