Sunday, 11 April 2010

Council of War (2)

In the middle of the cathedral close.

“Right Gentlemen, I have convened this conference here as there is no risk of us being overheard or Twyth being distracted by serving wenches” opened General Bercollin.

We appear to have a problem, despite our success today, thanks to Colonel Letort’s cavalry; it looks like our options are limited. The enemy main body is obviously covering the direct route to Sonnenbad. If we attack that way, I expect them to conduct the same form of delaying defence as we have seen in the Sommerland making the best defensive use of the valleys and ridges to delay our advance.

My immediate instinct would be to strike direct for Pappenheim, while part of our force blocks any attempt by the enemy to disrupt our advance. But as you are aware we find ourselves with limited ammunition due to some criminals tampering with our powder supplies. I have asked Representative Laine to institute immediate investigations as to the cause once we can communicate with Paris. This means that we cannot consider a siege of Pappenheim.

Therefore I propose that we strike east into Iserwelt and secure the bridge across the Flussweih at Bratfurt. This has two advantages, firstly we can find more supplies in areas not cleared by the enemy and secondly it will move us over to the north bank of the Flussweih, which means we are on the correct side of the river to strike at Sonnenbad.

Messieurs, breathe not a word of this to anyone as we want the advantage of surprise. Colonel Jolais your troops will lead, with two squadrons of Hussars in support. Speed is of the essence, so Beau prepare your men, but convince them we are about to strike north.

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