Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Cavalry Action at Towench (5)

The action had become general with troops attacking rallying then counter attacking in all directions with the French having fed in a squadron of hussars to replace some missing chasseurs. The beginning of the end occurred when the French Heavy Cavalry squadron advanced on a single troop of Frundsberg Light Dragoons, quite sensibly they fled from the position evading their malevolent intentions. The pressure mounted and Lieutenant Pilsner's troop was broken followed by the rest of the Light Dragoons.

As Friedrich led his men forward to stem the rout, his ranks were broken up by the fleeing dragoons and then the French Hussars were among them, after a brief struggle his men routed and Friedrich followed nursing a bad cut to his right leg.

Luckily one Light Dragoon troop had managed to reform to so it immediately charged some of the pursuing hussars. As the attack came from a flank it was immediately successful. Moments after this brief coup they came up against the French Heavy Cavalry and were routed.

However the brief pause allowed some more of the light dragoons to rally and the remaining hussars had fallen back, allowing the Fundsbergers some semblance of a managed withdraw.


In the meantime all had not been quiet in the village of Towench. Now that the baggage was clear Major Liebnitz ordered the artillery to fall back. By this time more French Hussars were skirting around the village threatening to cut off their withdrawal.


A J said...

Save the guns! He who fights and hauls his freight, gets to fight another date. A sensible decision on the artillery commander's part, I feel.

Bluebear Jeff said...

AJ beat me to it . . . my thought also was "save the guns".

-- Jeff

Capt Bill said...

All of Beerstein is aghast!!!