Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Hexengrube (1)

Emerging from a valley at the foot of the slopes Friedrich wondered how anyone would know that there was a route through the gorge. In a short time they found the Welle to Burndorf road and turned toward Welle. After half an hour their guide turned off along a minor road heading north back to the hills.

Shortly after they were challenged by a militia sentry and told to proceed on to the hamlet. Emerging from the surrounding trees the Freihussaren found themselves in a natural bowl with cliffs forming three sides. There were plenty of militiamen around and as they entered the hamlet they were directed to the command post. As they rode up to an old manor house Friedrich was surprised to see Ilse emerge with a number of militia officers.

“Welcome Friedrich, I’m glad father sent you, we need some cavalry to assist us. Now come inside and discuss plans while your men rest”

“Well I do have a prisoner, that I need to interrogate first” pointing out his captive.

“Oh Lieutenant Raymond Blanc, I thought he was safely in a prison camp. He looks injured, have you men take him over to the priory, the nuns there will sort out his wounds. You probably haven’t heard about the escape from the prison camp at Priddy. It was a nuisance but most of the prisoners have now been rounded up.”

Ilse walked off towards the headquarters and Friedrich observed the change in her appearance, her hair was tied back and she wore the ordinary clothes of a Freishutze but the attitude of the militia indicated that she was the one in charge here.

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