Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Cavalry Action at Towench (6)

Colonel Letort watched with satisfaction the crushing of the Frundsberg cavalry, now where was the infantry? He was about to send in the Dragoons to finish off the enemy when Twyth rode up. “So where’s the infantry?”

“I’m sorry but despite our best intentions they are pillaging Welle, hopefully a Line battalion will arrive within an hour"

“An hour, I need them now, when we have them at our mercy”

“Agreed Colonel and that was the General‘s intention”

Suddenly a flurry of movement occurred, the Hussars had spotted the Frundsberg artillery retiring down the road and had immediately charged them. A ragged ineffectual volley from the village had no effect on the charge, but the gunners just calmly unlimbered and fired canister at point blank range shredding the ranks of the hussars and driving the remainder back.

“Now look at that Twyth, with just a few infantry we could have captured them, now they can just slink away to their next position”

In the distance a bedragled man emerged from a wood and was amazed and pleased by the noise of battle. His comrades were obviously winning, but then all effort seemed to cease, despite the enemy retiring from the field. They were so near, but it was such a long stretch of open ground to cover and where the Frundsbergers had cavalry there could easily be Freishutze in hiding. Knowing it was just a matter of time before he could reach safety Lieutenant Blanc headed south through the woods intending to swing east back towards the French lines the next morning.

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