Monday, 12 April 2010

A quick descent

Just before dawn the Freihussaren set out crossing just to the north of the previous days combat, all was quiet and a thin mist muffled most sounds. After an hour the guide turned sharply and within ten minutes they were descending a narrow road between steep cliffs. Looking up Seamus O’Malley scanned the slopes for any enemy, he was certainly a lot more cautious now.

Raymond had woken shivering in the early morning chill. Remembering his directions, as he had marked out the position of the pole star before settling down for the night, he headed south, finding that the ground became very steep and there were no obvious routes down. As he pondered his next action, he heard the sounds of horses below. Holding onto a stout sapling he leaned forward to see who was there, perhaps a French cavalry patrol? The sapling suddenly gave way and he tumbled down the slope.

Seamus was shocked as he heard a loud crack above him and then a shower of rocks descended the slopes. “Ready your carbines” shouted Sergeant Rhetz. But before he could pull out his carbine a body hit the ground in front of Seamus with a crunch. Sergeant Rhetz was almost as fast “Check it out O’Mally. The rest of you keep watch on the slopes”

Seamus dismounted and on checking found he had an unarmed French infantry officer with a broken leg and his appearance looked like he had been lost for a while. “I think I’ve got a live one, Sergeant”

At that moment Lieutenant Von Zenderbrau rode up “Let’s keep moving” he spoke quietly as if they would be overheard “put the Frenchman on one of the spare horses and keep moving. We’ll sort out who he is later”

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