Saturday, 10 April 2010

A New Mission

Still suffering from a sabre cut to his leg, that he received in the last melee of the battle, Friedrich reported to Colonel Von Barner once his squadron had rallied back to the main force.

Well Friedrich, your troops did well, but they still lack sufficient experience” opened the Colonel “so I have decided that the best is for them to operate on the flanks and rear of the French army. By this means they will tie up much greater numbers of the enemy cavalry and also embolden the militia operations”

“Although I agree sir, will this not weaken your forces too much?”

“Yes and no, it’s a balanced risk. Our forces will only occupy strong defensive positions and there are limits to what the enemy can achieve on this terrain.”
“Very good sir, so what do you have in mind?”

“Right a member of the Aufklarungskorps will lead your men by one of the side roads down from the hills and then to the rendezvous point with the militia at Hexengrube. From there I expect you to strike repeatedly at the flanks and rear of their army.“

“But be careful Friedrich, listen to local advice, and don’t rely on your military rank to inspire the militia”

“Yes sir, when should we leave?”

“Just before dawn so you won’t be spotted when you cross the main Welle to Pappenheim road.”

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