Friday, 23 April 2010

Hexengrube (3)

As he arrived at the Headquarters for dinner Friedrich was surprised to find that all the militia officers were present and that this would be a working dinner discussing the plans for the next day.

The dinner was very much a hearts and minds event with Ilse convincing the militia commanders that despite the French change of direction nothing had fundamentally changed in their actions. Dinner closed with general agreement that they would move at first light along the minor trails below the Pidnem hills to a point where they could strike at the French column heading for Fromel if the opportunity presented itself.

Ilse seemed to be in her element both in her emotional appeal for action combined with the power of her logic. Whenever possible, Friedrich supported her “commands”, which seemed both prudent and militarily necessary.

With the close of the discussion, the officers gradually left leaving only Ilse and Friedrich both explained their activities over the last few days. “But what of Hans?” queried Friedrich?
Ah well, once we secured the eastern district of Bruckewasser I sent Hans south to contact the Imperial forces and inform them that the route was open. I left our friend there reorganising the defences, he had managed to find a sufficient number of the militia to at least bring order back to the town.

The conversation continued…………

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Bluebear Jeff said...

Perhaps with Hans away the Friedrich will play?

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