Sunday, 4 April 2010

Cavalry Action at Towench (3)

The front squadrons of French Chasseurs advanced over the plain towards the Frundsberg cavalry. As they passed the village a sudden discharge of cannonballs from a couple of hidden guns ripped though the eastern most troop of Chasseurs causing them to falter. Major Absinthe called out his usual refrain “Heads up lads these are cannonballs not turds”

The Frundsbergers sat impassively as the Chasseurs continued towards them. They were obviously hoping that the artillery firing from Towench would even up the odds.

The Chasseurs hit by fire dropped back to reform, leaving three troops advancing, again they were hit by artillery fire on their eastern flanks.

Another troop paused to reform, but Absinthe demanded that the advance continues and personally joins the western most troop. Now in reach, the squadron charges toward the Frundsberg cavalry only to receive more artillery fire from more distant guns.

Only the troop led my the Major continued and was met by counter-charging Frundsbergers. However these were battle hardened cavalry and they smashed into the Frundsbergers and immediately routed them

Meanwhile the rest of the French cavalry awaited their commander’s decision on when the next wave would fall.


Frankfurter said...

Crunch a bunch, eh?
Hope the Germans get their guns away!
PS: quite appropriately, the word verification for me was surev ... leading me to recall a period general ...

Rafael Pardo said...

A little a nice combat (strange words for a combat isn'it?)

Capt Bill said...

Always difficult to see an ally routed by the unworthy...