Sunday, 25 April 2010

The road to Fromel (1)

As the sky began to lighten the Frundsbergers began to move out of Hexengrube, their route was along the various tracks through the wooded slopes of the Pidnem hills. In front Feishutze and a couple of members of the aufklarungskorps checked the ground, but all was calm, even when they crossed the Welle to Pappenheim road. Ilse stayed behind at this point to make sure that all signs of their passing were hidden. After a couple of hours they arrived at a point overlooking the road from Welle to Fromel. It was still quiet and the troops settled down for a breakfast of bread and the local Hecdar cheese.

As the sun rose French cavalry appeared on the road below, checking that the route was clear. Ilse meanwhile was engaged in conversation with an old bombardier who had accompanied the force with an equally ancient cart.

Wondering what Ilse could possibly have to discuss with the old man, Friedrich was alerted as a large body of French cavalry passed along the road. There were both dragoons and heavy cavalry, so it was clear that the French effort was directed eastwards.

As Ilse joined him at the vantage point a large column of French infantry appeared marching either side of the road while artillery moved along the road itself. After 20 minutes a member of the Aufklarungskorps reported that gap had appeared and that the next part of the column was the baggage escorted by a battalion of infantry. Ilse sent messages to the various companies to make ready.


Genral Bercollin woke up refreshed, feeling that the campaign was at last under his control. After a substantial breakfast he left Welle with Twyth, passing the baggage train escorted by the Poles, then the Legere and finally caught up with the cavalry as they entered Fromel.


Bluebear Jeff said...

Something's about to happen . . .

-- Jeff

Fitz-Badger said...

Sounds like Genral Bercollin better enjoy that feeling while it lasts! Something tells me it's going to be fleeting...