Thursday, 8 April 2010

A welcome arrival?

An unusually flustered Stammpot rushed into General Wurst’s room “Sir, a heavily armed barge has expectedly sailed up river and is requesting permission to land”

“Very well Stammpot, I assume that the militia are mustering, the guns have it covered and the red hot shot is being heated”

“Yes all that is in progress Sir”

“Well let’s go and see what’s happening”

The General escorted by Stammpot and a squad of the Stabskompanie made his way towards the docks and saw the barge coming to rest in the main dock. Two companies of militia were formed up along the wharf and smoke could be seen rising from the nearby gun towers.

A large ruddy faced man shouted out “Permission to come ashore?” and without waiting for a response swung himself down by a loose halyard and strolled over to the General.

“Jens Gobrad at your service. I heard that you were having some problems so I have recruited some assistance in Rotterdam on my way here”

“General Wurst, I am in command here and this is my aide Captain Stammpot. But how do you know of our problem and how do we know we can trust you?”

“Well General, it was in the last letter from my betrothed, Bettina Von Barner, she said a French invasion was imminent and I read that the French had crossed the river in the papers while I was in Rotterdam.”

“That’s good enough for me” “Stammpot stand the men down” “Now what have you brought me?”

“Well there’s a lot of out of work sailors in Rotterdam so I’ve raised a company of men capable of handling heavy artillery”

“Excellent now let’s get your men ashore and settled in.”

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