Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Hexengrube (2)

Now, welcome to our camp” explained Ilse. “It’s a hidden valley not far from Welle, a place of legend. I think you know all of the Militia commanders. Major Grabner is the official commander but he will follow my orders. Now what I intend to do is to strike wherever the French leave themselves exposed, which I know is my father intention. Wherever they march they cannot cover all of their flanks and rear and we have the advantage of knowing the terrain and the back paths. Tonight we have arranged a minor raid on one of their outposts, while some trusted men penetrate into Welle to find out the French plans.”

“So my men have a chance to rest after their exertions yesterday” asked Friedrich.

“Of course, but I expect the French movements to become clear tomorrow so I need them ready to act. Also in case of trouble I’d like half of your men on standby as we will continue tormenting the French outposts.”

“So how will you do that?”

“A number of small parties consisting of a couple of Freishutze plus a dozen militia will advance towards the French picquet lines using the orchard, vineyards and hedgerow to remain unseen. The militia will take up a backstop position and cover the advance of the Freishutze. The Freishutze will then pick off any visible Frenchmen. If the French react then the rifles will retire back past the militia position and if the French follow then the militia will give fire before withdrawing. The slight risk is if the French attack in strength then we might have to make a stand and your cavalry may be needed to cover a withdrawal.”

“Very good, I’ll make Lieutenenat Zendabrau’s troop available.”

“Oh and you will be joining me for dinner?”

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Bluebear Jeff said...

How can any red-blooded male resist such a dinner invitation?

-- Jeff