Saturday, 3 April 2010

Cavalry Action at Towench (2)

Friedrich looked out across the plain and the growing mass of French cavalry.

The wagons containing many of the valuables from Welle were only just at Towench and progressing along the road to Sonnenbad. Towench itself was occupied by the combined Fromel and Welle militia commanded by Major Liebnitz plus a half battery of horse artillery. About 500 paces to the north of Towench the road to Sonnenbad descended into a steep wooded valley and then rose up to the next plateau where the sole line battalion the other half battery and the Stockrad militia were drawn up.

The cavalry themselves were drawn up with the two squadrons of light dragoons in the front rank with the Freihussaren in the second acting as reserve. Major Kummel of the Light Dragoons had been quite sanguine about the situation. “We will lose quite a few men today, but we must ensure that we kill more Frenchmen so that they fear crossing swords with us when numbers are equal”

As much as Friedrich tried to raise the spirits of his men he had a bad feeling in the pit of his stomach.


Capt Bill said...

Go get them, victory or death!!!

Frankfurter said...

I wonder who won't survive?

justMike said...

A spirited little engagementn but be careful with that "kill more Frenchmen" kinda talk. Nicely done. - Mike (St. Maurice)