Friday, 9 April 2010

Council of War (1)

Colonel Letort left his men to reform under the command of Major Dubonnet and rode back to Welle with Twyth. Arriving at headquarters he stormed in all prepared to give vent to his feelings. Instead he found General Bercollin shouting at the Representative en Mission. “Just so I understand this properly, the men you arrested were trying to prevent damage to church property”

“Yes, I ordered the destruction of the symbols of religious oppression”

“And who was carrying out these orders”

“Members of the 17ieme Légère”

“And who placed these men under your command?”

“I took command as they were available”

“Did you not realise that they were supposed to be fighting the Frundsbergers at the time”

“No, but……”

Your role, representative is to support the execution of the war and report on how it is conducted. Not to disrupt it or interfere in the chain of command. I will submit a report to Paris on your conduct."

“But the prisoners need to be executed and part of La Veuve is missing”

“I am not wasting any time looking for your spare parts, my officers and I have to discuss ways of defeating the enemy.”

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