Monday, 5 April 2010

Cavalry Action at Towench (4)

Observing the French advance, Friedrich was unsurprised at the effect of the artillery fire on the French cavalry, but they seemed to be rallying quickly and there was still the main body behind them. The successive blasts of artillery fire reduced the impact of the French charge to a single troop, but this body carved it’s way through the light dragoons facing them causing a major breach in the line. Turning to Lieutenant Von Pilsner he called out, “Hans, charge those Frenchmen penetratating the line.”

At that same moment Major Kummel had signalled a general advance and the three remaining troops of light dragoons charged their French counterparts. Only one troop remained in reserve.

The attack had mixed results with the Frundsberg light dragoons victorious in the east and the French in the west. But the central troop and the Freihussaren were held with both themselves and the French rallying back. The victorious French troop also didn’t follow through but also rallied back to reform.

The French reinitiated the combat with the Frundsberg horse who counter charged back. This time the Freihussaren had the benefit of their better mounts and their momentum broke up the French chasseurs opposing them. The combat degenerated into a series of separate combats. Rhender Fhartz was in the thick of one and ducked just as a heavy sabre swept over his head. In response Render simply thumped his opponent with the back of his sword since he was badly positioned for anything else. He felt a satisfying blow and looked round to see a French officer tumbling off his horse. As the rest of the troop followed the fleeing Chasseurs, Render dismounted, flung the officer back over his horse and then returned to Major Von Wettin.

“Excellent work Hussar Fhartz” greeted his commander “a French Major no less, take him back to the Colonel with my complements”


Bluebear Jeff said...

Well struck, Fhartz!

-- Jeff

Martin said...

The French Major should have known that you can never keep a good Fhartz down!

You're doing an excellent job with the narrative, and I hope that there will be many more installments to come.


Fhartz will not be buying his beer anytime soon. I suspect a promotion will not be to far off with this sign of quick wit.

Your story line keeps me eager to paint and join the fun.

Fitz-Badger said...

Just don't pull his finger!

Frankfurter said...

Am very proud that my guy rolled the first good hit of our gang of EvE volunteers!
Given that this is a revolting frog story line, I'm very happy to have Frankszonia involved in defense of the Deutsche conglomeration!
Indeed, I was surprised to find that Frankfurt actually was a player in the later Napoleonic period ... probably why it retained its Freistadt status?
Besides, you ARE writing a good story line!!

A J said...

Excellent story, and well done Trooper Fhartz!