Monday, 15 March 2010

Another farewell

The next morning as Friedrich was organising the Squadron for the day ahead as a couple of horsemen rode into the camp, he immediately recognised Ilse and walked over to greet her.

“Good morning Ilse have you come to inspect us?”

“No I have to check on a few things for father and I can’t delay so thanks again for the rescue”

“Thanks for rescuing Seamus, his experiences have helped to cool a few of the hotter heads and hopefully it means that they’ll not be as impulsive in future. Will I see you again?”

At that moment a cheering mob of Freihusaren appeared led by Seamus. “There she is. That’s the lady that saved me. Three cheers for the lady Ilse”

After the cheering died down Ilse spoke “Thank you for the complement gentlemen, but Hans here was also involved, and it wasn’t that difficult. I’m sorry but we cannot stay as we have urgent business to take care off, so Aufweidersehen”

As the cheering died down and Ilse rode off Friedrich hid his regret and applied his authority. “Gentlemen, if you please. We have the French to fight”

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