Thursday, 11 March 2010

A Friendly Welcome

On arrival in Burndorf the trio were escorted to a large house on the sea front. They were shown inside and then Captain Adamski appeared with his wig slightly askew and trying to hide his ear trumpet. He welcomed the fugitives and immediately called for a hearty breakfast to be served.

Ilse turned to Frau Admaski and asked if she cold provide her with a change of clothing. “Let me help” shouted the Captain. He received a received a cuff from his wife and told to use his ear trumpet. His wife said “I’m sure we can find something for you and the young gentleman.”

Once they were changed and fed the Captain explained his local preparations against the French marauders and that he had sent some boatmen to recover the barge before the French could retrieve it.

“Oh and have you heard about your Father”

“No, is anything wrong?”

“Only he is now in command of me and the rest of the southern forces. His HQ was in Welle the last I heard. We are preparing the bridges ready for quick removal.”

“Can you provide some horses so we can get there?”

“Yes I’m sure the post and customs can provide some”.

By mid morning the trio were on the road to Welle and observing the preparations to slow the French crossing of the Sommerland.

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