Monday, 8 March 2010

Austrians in action?

Situation: Imperial HQ

General Kraut commanding the Frundsberg contingent arrives to see the Imperial army commander Graf Von Grunt.

“Sir I had to come at once, the whole camp is rife with rumour and speculation about the French crossing of the Rhine.”

“Yes General, it’s true and confirmed by various despatches”

“I have heard that they intend to strike north into Frundsberg where there are minimal forces available to resist them”

“Yes, this is serious news but I have to decide carefully the course of action. These French may have crossed, but who knows what other French forces may strike if our entire army moves north to deal with this crossing. I am thinking of sending a brigade or possibly two to deal with it. These reported figures of eleven battalions, nine squadrons and two batteries seem very high estimates.”

“I have organised a flying column under Colonel Meyer comprising the fittest men from my infantry battalions, some jaegers and light dragoons who should be able to move within two days.”

“Yes but we don’t want to move in small bodies that can be easily attacked, besides the army is still in winter quarters and will not be able to support this force for at least a week.”

“But sir, my country is under threat”

“Yes I know I cannot directly stop you, but the Hofkriegsrat will look disfavourably on your actions if it has adverse consequences.”

“Despite this, I will give you authorisation to send Colonel Meyer with two battalions of infantry, a company of jaegers and a squadron of cavalry as far as Bruckewasser as a reconnaissance to discover the French intentions”


Capt Bill said...

Reich Duke Wilhelm is concerned by the aggressive actions by the French. He has placed our Beerstein Foreign Legion, Commanded by Brigadier Sir David Linienblatt on high alert. The Second Battalion of Stummel's Regiment, Frundsberg Frei Stadt is a prominent unit in the Legion. They will be dispatched if you require their assistance.

Frankfurter said...

The French always have intentions ... just what sort, is the question ...

Fire at Will said...

Thanks capt Bill, hpefully the Beerstein Foreign legion will arrive in time if the austrians don't get moving.