Saturday, 27 March 2010

Welle falls (1)

By the end of the day only one last ditch separated the French from Welle. Despite their best endeavours the French had failed to make faster progress.

General Bercollin called Colonels Letort and Anjou to discuss the next days action. “Now what we need to do is strike hard and catch the Frundsbergers as they withdraw. I can’t see them defending the city as it has no defences. But take no chances. Letort swing round the city as soon as possible and drive towards Pappenheim and keep the rabble on the run if possible. Anjou, don’t let your men stop, Colonel Jolais’ men will follow through and clear any resistance.”

Early the next day the French crossed the final ditch, the militia and rifles then fell slowly back from hedgerow to hedgerow allowing the population time to either disperse or find shelter in the Bishop's palace. The last militia company was almost cut off by the French cavalry as they reached the open ground before the steep slopes of the Pidnem hills, however the Freishutze were well posted and luckily the French didn’t press their attack.

The légère stormed into an empty city and discipline was lost as most of the men dispersed looking for loot. Only a couple of companies skirting the city remained under control and joined the cavalry for the thrust up into the hills.

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