Wednesday, 24 March 2010

To the rescue?

Colonel Meyer had planned well, each company had been allocated a light wagon, this would enable any footsore troops to have a break thus enabling the units to maintain a good pace. Once the order to depart was received they set off with the cavalry and jaegers in the lead followed by the two line battalions. Hopefully they would arrive in Bruckewasser within three days.

The big question was whether the town would be occupied and could the Farrett be crossed. The colonel hoped that the alternative option of contacting the garrison at Burndorf and arrange for them to ferry his troops across was still possible, otherwise there very little his men would be able to do.

The order of march was quite simple with the light dragoons leading backed up by the jaegers then followed by the two line battalions. General Kraut had drawn on the Frundsberg letters of credit with the Rothschilds and given Meyer enough cash to pay for rations from the local population as they progressed, so there was no need to waster time foraging.

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