Friday, 12 March 2010

Execution Day

Representative Laine was awoken early as requested and after meticulously preparing himself he strode across to the council chambers passing his infernal device all set up in the centre of the town square. Most of the officers were gathered in the main council chamber and as the appointed hour was struck Laine moved out onto the balcony overlooking the square

Looking down Laine observed the prisoner being brought out, looking the worse for being imprisoned. The guards virtually dragged him across to the middle of the square

A small crowd of locals had gathered intrigued by all the activity, but were kept back by some Grenadiers. The Lieutenant appointed to manage the event then read out the charges, which could be summarised as being born to the wrong mother. The prisoner was asked if he had anything to say and he cried out something in German

Looking to the Council chamber balcony the Lieutenant received confirmation and the prisoner was forced onto the device face down. He was then slid forward until he faced a bucket. The crowd was silent as the operator looked to the balcony and received confirmation from his master. A collective gasp was heard from the crowd as the blade was seen to drop and in the following silence a thump was heard as a head hit the bottom of the bucket.

Twyth vomited over the balcony as the Representative shouted out “Death to all tyrants” and the executioner waved the severed head in the air.

After the Representative had left Colonel Letort turned to Twyth “It was just as well that Laine doesn’t understand German, so who was sacrificed to keep him happy
Twyth explained what had happened and the Colonel then thrust a large brandy in his hand telling him it would settle his stomach. “Don’t worry I won’t tell anyone”


Bluebear Jeff said...

Oh, oh! Koenig Ludwig, the mad king of vile Stagonia, is going to want one of these machines.

This device will be the cause of much Trouble!

-- Jeff of Saxe-Bearstein

Capt Bill said...

Is everything as it appears?

Frankfurter said...

Should have been Laine himself in there!

Fitz-Badger said...

Bloody business...
The people of Ballyfoole, having heard the news and details, are quite confident O'Malley yet lives.