Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Back to Bruckewasser

Ilse and Hans arrived back at Burndorf less than 36 hours after departing and immediately contacted Major Adamski. “We have to get into Bruckewasser as soon as possible”

“Right stay here and I’ll see what can be organised”

About an hour later the Major returned with some boatmen. “These men are prepared to take you upriver to the other side of the Farrett immediately it gets dark this evening. I think it may be the same place where the French landed a week ago.”

“That will be fine, we know how to get into the city from there.”

“Will you be able to get back safely?” Ilse asked the boatmen.

“No problem your ladyship, it’s quicker getting back and the Frenchies don’t like being on the water at night. We’ve also got a delivery to make”

Once the sun set the boatmen pushed off and rowed up river against the current. It was quite a large well built boat, but there was a large heap of cargo covered by tarpaulins in the centre of the boat. They’re probably smugglers thought Ilse.

After a couple of hours the boat pulled into the shore and Ilse and Hans were helped to disembark almost dry foot.

“Thank you gentlemen”

“Our pleasure Miss” and the boat rapidly headed off towards the French bank.
Ilse and Hans picked up their belongings and headed towards the town and the safe house.

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