Sunday, 28 March 2010

Welle falls (2)

The General rode into Welle to a scene of chaos with drunken legere in all directions and officers and NCOs trying to restore order. Colonel Anjou appeared “it’s impossible sir, they seem to have left plentiful alcohol and the men have lost all control. There is a garrison in the Bishops Palace, but I can’t find enough men to assault even that.”

Moving through the city Twyth and the general arrived close to the cathedral, nearby was a small moated fort flying a white flag. Leaving the Generals side Twyth rode over to investigate. A priest appeared and called out that the palace was only occupied by women, children and old men who needed refuge from the rampaging troops. They would happily lower the drawbridge once they knew it was safe.

Reporting back to the general, Twyth was glad to see fresh troops arriving part of Colonel Jolais’ command and some guns as well. “Right Twyth go and tell them that if they don’t let down the drawbridge and admit you personally to check their claim we will open fire.”

Dismissing his doubts Twyth returned and summoned the priest. To his surprise the drawbridge was lowered and he could ride across, through the gate into a spacious courtyard. It was filled with women, children and very old men. For a moment Twyth wondered if he could find the mysterious women amongst them, but he couldn’t see her getting trapped in this position.

Reporting back to the General that all was as it seemed he was sent to check on the cavalry’s progress.


Frankfurter said...

I suspect that Hillary's Hussars would be willing to cavort ... uh ... be willing to serve with you (after all, I don't have enough figures for them and for the Frangipani Hussars too) ...
Besides, they are suspected of being in infiltrated by the Anti-Gallian Frankfurter Resistance ...

Bluebear Jeff said...

Leaving the booze seems to me to be another effective delaying tactic.

-- Jeff