Saturday, 13 March 2010

A family reunion

As they arrived at the outskirts of Welle, Seamus halted and thanked Ilse and Hans for his rescue and pointed out his squadron’s camp. “I have to rejoin the Squadron; you are welcome to visit me anytime”

Ilse hesitated, wondered whether to go and see Friedrich, but instead wished Seamus “better fortune in future” and rode on.

“So Hans, where do you think we’ll find my father?” asked Ilse.

“I expect he will be at the Rode Leeuw tavern, it’s the best establishment in the town, although the cider is better in the Weisse Rossl.”

“Right I’ll go to the Rode Leeuw and find father, you book us a couple of rooms at the Weisse Rossl, hopefully there will still be some cider left” and flicked a gold coin to Hans who nodded appreciatively.

Entering the Rode Leeuw, Ilse saw at once it was the headquarters and headed for the main banqueting room, the obvious place to find her father. A young lieutenant blocked her path saying “There is an officer’s conference you can’t.....” then staggered backwards.

Ilse, apologised, and then opened the door. A large group of officers looked up from the map they had been studying. “Ah Ilse, what a relief to see you” expressed the Colonel. “Gentlemen, my daughter and the means by which we have received our intelligence on the French”

To a murmur of approval Ilse’s father introduced her to the officers present, finishing with “and I think you know Major Von Wettin.”

“Indeed father, the gallant gentleman rode to my rescue yesterday, Oh and your missing hussar has returned safely to camp”

“Now if you gentlemen will excuse me I’ll leave you to your deliberations” “Father I’ll be at the Weisse Rossl when you have finished”

As she left Friedrich was sure that she winked at him, perhaps recognising that he had shaved off his moustache.

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