Saturday, 6 March 2010

Plans for Escape

Just as the light was fading Lieutenant Blanc entered Captain’s room exclaiming “We’ve found a way out! It’s taken quite a time, but we have found a way through the underground passages that lead to the surface beyond the camp”

“Very good but how will you use it, given that all the Freishutze will hunt you down as soon as you escape?”

“Yes, I’ve given that some thought. We are counted each morning and evening so we have to escape shortly after the check to give us the maximum time to get away before any alarm, also we will need light to find our way so the best time is after morning roll call, so we have the maximum daylight to get away”

“No you are not thinking clearly, daylight will also aide the pursuit, you are better to escape on a moonlit night, so you can move, but most people will be in their beds”

“Good idea, but my other idea is to organise a large escape with prisoners heading in different directions so that some of us will avoid the patrols and make it home. After all if we use this route once the guards will realise and prevent its reuse so it is an all or nothing plan”

“Hmm, it might just work. What do you need?”

“The main need is bread for at least a couple of days per man, so they don’t have to forage for food on the way.”

“So how many men are you planning to escape in this attempt?”

“Twenty five more or less”

“So I have kept a reserve of biscuit for emergencies and it might stretch that far. It’s a full moon in a few days can you be ready by then? Also can your escapees be trusted?”

“Yes, and apart from a few trusted individuals the rest won’t know until the last moment. Can you also keep a watch out for informers?


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Fitz-Badger said...

Will there be 3 tunnels, named Tom, Dick, and Harry? ;)