Friday, 26 March 2010

Flying rifles

Twyth awoke early to a cool foggy morning. There was a thick mist covering the levels, so he made his way up the Glasserberg to try and get a better view. Part way up he emerged into sunshine and from the top he had a clear view north across to the Pidnem hills with the spires of Welle cathedral beneath them. To the south he could see the ridgeline of the Dennep hills.

However as he looked closer he could see figures advancing from the east across the levels towards the road leading back from the Glasserberg. The road that was their lifeline. The figures seemed to fly across the ditches in giant leaps and as he looked closer through a telescope he could see they were carrying pikes.

“Now Twyth, this is a fine morning” said the General slightly out of breath from the climb.

“Sir if you look down there I think we are being attacked” replied Twyth pointing down at the meadows.

The Frieshutze stuck at the wagon escort unexpectedly through the mist, and the majority fled in panic allowing the riflemen time to set fire to the wagons and then they withdrew before any counter attack could be mustered.

General Bercollin stared open mouthed as the attack took place. “Right Twyth, check on the damage and get Colonel Anjou’s troops on the move, we must get to Welle by nightfall.

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Fitz-Badger said...

pole vaulting? :)