Sunday, 21 March 2010

Fireworks (2)

General Bercollin believed in suffering like his men so when night fell he just wrapped himself up in a blanket and slept under one of the wagons. He was soundly asleep within minutes whereas Twyth lying against one of the wheels was pondering why the campaign was going so badly. He was startled awake by a bright object floating in the sky, that suddenly descended into a party of troops causing panic. Further to the west another object had appeared and headed into the troops there.

Waking the general Twyth pointed out the objects that were still alight illuminating the surrounding troops. Then he saw a glow down on the plain before another flaming ball flew over his head into the horse lines causing mayhem.

The General stormed over to the nearest group of troops and grabbing the first officer he found shouted “Take your men down and deal with the pests.” The officer immediately gathered his men and led them down the slope. Even as this happened more globes appeared and fell into different areas of the French lines.

Render was having a great time, once he had worked out the necessary torsion for the range; he concentrated on spotting possible targets. Seeing some wagons he sent several projectiles in that direction. Preparing the next shot he was surprised by his commander saying “Time to leave now, can’t you hear the muskets”

“Just one more shot”

“Right just one then pack up”

The final ball arced up into the air and descended onto the wagons. Moments later an explosion rent the air as an ammunition wagon exploded.

Render whooped with you and then helped the others to dismantle the catapult before falling back to the horses and returning to Welle.

Checking with Lieutenant Pilner on the return it appeared that the whole operation had gone smoothly with no loses to the Freihussaren.

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Bluebear Jeff said...

I wonder if that last one was the wagon the general was sleeping under?

-- Jeff