Friday, 5 March 2010

Despatches for the General

Late afternoon in Pappenheim.

General Wurst looked up as Stammpot knocked then entered. “Some despatches for you sir”

A young hussar marched in stood to attention then opened his sabretasche and handed the despatches to the general. “I was told to hand these to you personally sir, they come from Bruckewasser”

“Excellent, and what’s your name young fellow, you look familiar?”

“Ritter Hugo von Schwillensaufenstein III, sir”

Any relation of General Hugo von Schwillensaufenstein of Raubenstad?

“His grandson sir”

“Well the next time you see him give the old rascal my regards and remind him he still owes me a drink. If, as I expect he will claim I owe him one, just ask him about the Baroness Michelle."

"Ahhh. yes sir"

"Now I’m sure you will want to get back to your squadron as soon as possible so report back here tomorrow at 8 o’clock and you can take some despatches back to Welle”

“Stammpot give the fellow a pass for food and accommodation at the Admiral Tirpitz Inn.”

Stammpot and the hussar left and when Stammpot returned he found the General beaming. “Excellent information, this gives us the complete breakdown of the French forces and their route of advance. Towards Welle as expected”

“The question is can we get the Imperial forces to support us in time?”

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