Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Prison Break (3)

I had been another bad night for Twyth, he had been woken in the early hours with the news of a prison break out. Luckily the duty officer had ordered all the gates closed, but most of the prisoners were local so they probably knew the gaps in the defences or where to hide. But that was only a minor concern, where was O’Mally? The General was unconcerned just telling him to take whatever measures were necessary.

Interviewing the prison guards, gave him a sense of déjà vu. “It was an attractive woman”.

“Right arrest all women on the streets and particularly find someone in a yellow uniform”

By dawn half a dozen ladies of the night were hauled in, plus a very dirty smelly individual.

Inspecting the “ladies” Twyth asked who asked who else was on the streets and not hearing anything useful released them.

As he turned to the man the sergeant guarding him triumphantly opened a bag to reveal a hussar uniform. Twyth paled, how would they now catch O’Mally? Then an idea stuck him, turning to the sergeant “Dress him in his uniform then report back to me at Eight thirty.”

“But it’s not mine, I stole it”

“Carry on Sergeant”

Representative Laine awoke early and taking a brief breakfast he arrived at the town hall by ten minutes to nine.

Accepting a proffered coffee he walked to the balcony of the council chambers to check that everything was ready. The executioner was calmly sharpening the blade on his device and various locals seemed to cast anxious glances at the structure in the square and then scurried away.


Bluebear Jeff said...

Ah, the perils of crime.


Frankfurter said...

More fun than the perils of Pauline ...