Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Into the Freistadt (1)

The French offensive was spotted shortly after it left Bruckewasser. The advance guard progressed as a mass with neither the light infantry nor the cavalry taking the lead. This made it easy to provide adequate warning to the Frundsberg Freishutze and Militia to retire and make final preparations. They advanced up the first of the Dennep hills and then turned east to follow the main Haubtstrasse along the ridgeline. Colonel Anjou looked out to the north and saw a flat fertile landscape stretching away to distant hills. To the northeast was a hill emerging from the plain, speaking to no one in particular “Yes that is the Glasserberg and behind that is Welle, this should be an easy conquest”

To his front he could periodically see the enemy horse and occasionally light infantry withdrawing in the face of his advance.

Friedrich turned to Mariusz “Sound the horn as the Freishutze need to withdraw”

Mariusz pulled out a hunting horn as used by the jaegers and played “Retire”

The jaegers emerged slowly in pairs and alternately covering each other withdrew to the foot of the ridge and crossed the first drainage ditch.

Seeing the French coming closer Friedrich decided it was their turn to withdraw and Mariusz sounded his trumpet and Von Pilsner’s troop retired in good order to the bridge. As they dismounted to cross Friedrich hoped he had timed it right as the bridge was now only three timbers wide. The last few men were still waiting to cross as the lead Chasseurs galloped up. However this was why the Frieshutze had withdrawn first, as they fired and accurately felled all the lead riders. As soon as the last Freihussar had crossed the Militia tipped the remaining beams into the ditch and withdrew behind a stockade.


Bluebear Jeff said...

I suspect a "defense in depth".

-- Jeff

Fitz-Badger said...

"easy conquest", eh? Is that what they call "famous last words"?