Sunday, 7 March 2010

Prison Break (1)

The sentry paced up and down and immediately responded as a woman turned the corner. A comely wench and certainly dressed to impress a young conscript.

“Who goes there, what do you want?”

“Are you looking for some fun?”

The soldier considered and remembered that the officer and patrol had just passed and wouldn’t be back for a quarter hour or more. “How much?”

“Fifteen Assignats”

“Ten” he responded, thinking my pay is worth less every day.


“OK, just come over here where we can’t be seen”

As he turned the corner, led by the woman the conscript remembered very little, except a painful blow to the head and then waking up the next morning stripped and bound in a back yard.

Hans then quickly changed into the sentry’s uniform putting his own clothes in his knapsack. Receiving an all clear signal from an observer, he grabbed Ilse’s arm and force marched her up the road to the prison.

The two guards saw him coming “What have we got here?” said one lecherously.

“It’s a spy, just stick her in with the rest, that’s what the officer said”

“She’s too pretty to be a spy, aren’t you darling” said one guard, pulling at Ilse’s blouse.

“Look the officer said to lock her up and I’m not getting in trouble when he turns up shortly”

“Oh, alright, spoil sport” the guard reached for the keys and turned to open the door.

As the guard turned to open the door, his partner continued staring at Ilse’s cleavage only to receive a heavy blow knocking him unconscious.

Almost simultaneously the guard at the door had a knife at his throat and the instruction “Open the door quietly and you’ll live”

The prisoners were aroused when the door opened and two guards were pushed inside, followed by a woman and another French guard who called out in German. “Right who’ll strip these Frenchies and where is Seamus O'Malley”, At once several prisoners rushed forward to strip the uniforms off the Frenchmen.

A dishevelled individual in a hussar uniform staggered forward. I’m Seamus”

The guard gave some rope to the prisoners instructing them to tie and gag the Frenchies before returning outside. The woman looked at a rather battered Seamus and said “I’m here to get you out so change into one of those French uniforms”

“But, I can’t change in front of a lady” spluttered Seamus

“If you don’t I’ll leave you here” she responded.


Fitz-Badger said...

Hanging on every word...

Ilse and Hans are going to be very popular in Ballyfoole!

Capt Bill said...

Why is it that women always seem to smarter than men, at least horny men?

Bluebear Jeff said...

I believe that we are enduring a veritable plague of prison breaks . . . *grin*.

-- Jeff